Bomber jackets just got a whole lot cooler, thanks to Buzz Ricksons and PORTER, and we can't get enough of them.

Ah, the humble bomber jacket. A streetwear staple, the MA-1 bomber jacket was developed for the American military in the 1950s for pilot comfort and safety. Throughout the last 70+ years, it's been a mainstay of brands of all levels – from high street to high-end.

Sure, it's probably a gross underestimation to say there are thousands of variations on the MA-1 on the market, but no matter how many exist in the wild, the core design has remained the same. This speaks volumes, serving as a testament to the timelessness of the silhouette.

Elevating an item considered a perfect rendition is no easy feat and often requires a less is more approach. "Less is more" is the approach taken by Buzz Ricksons, the high-end reproducers of vintage flight jackets, for its collaboration with PORTER.

Releasing as part of PORTER's "TANKER IRON BLUE" pop-up tour (which includes collaborations with KAWS and JJJJound), the two-piece drop refines the classic MA-1 silhouette with functional details. The traditional sleeve pocket is now removable for use as a wallet, and straps have been added to the inner lining, allowing the jacket to be worn over the shoulders.

Through the combined quality and finesse of PORTER and Buzz Ricksons, these take luxe bomber jackets to the next level.

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