One of my favorite things about Cactus Plant Flea Market is that it keeps an extremely low profile. Founder Cynthia Lu barely pipes up on social media — both she and her label prefer to lay low and only emerge for surprise launches rather than engage in the usual tease-hype-drop cycle.

Now that we're properly in autumn, though, Cactus Plant has returned to longtime pal Nigo's Human Made with a fresh selection of seasonal layers.

Note that this isn't a collaboration, just a selection of stuff debuting on Human Made's web store and Cactus Plant's website on October 31. Happy Halloween, indeed.

Apparently, this launch marks the fifth season of Cactus Plant's "Japan Made" collection — I presume that, like previous drops, these items are made in Japan through Human Made's Otsumo Co. production company.

That'd make sense, as the 11 items on hand are all as indebted to workwear and militaria as Nigo's own fare.

Cactus Plant is diving as deep as ever into the realm of hardwearing utility, serving up some zippered chore coats — peep the crazy pocket count — quilted liner jackets, carpenter pants, and even some undies.

Because this is a CPFM affair, you get the requisite flashes of hippy-dippy color by way of patches and prints aplenty, down to some fuzzy yin-yangs and "TREEHUGGER" text (all caps when you spell the hoodie's name). The "I LUV CPFM" detail on the multi-pocketed jacket is a particular standout, IMO.

Can't say I get the weird dragon hat thing but the rest is as solid as anything that Cactus Plant has ever made.

Considering how often CPFM is tapped to make mere merch, it's always nice whenever the label gets to flex its stylistic muscles — the results are always wearably weird and that's what I like to see.

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