At 73-years-old, model and actress Lauren Hutton is once again proving that age is all but a number, this time starring in Calvin Klein's latest batch of underwear ads.

Hutton recently made headlines by appearing in an editorial for LOVE magazine, alongside the likes Irinia Shirak and Kendall Jenner. This time around, the septuagenarian dazzles in black and white, and can be seen at the end of the minimalist Sofia Coppola-shot clip following sultry teases from big names like Kirsten Dunst and Rashida Jones.

Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier, Rashida Jones, Maya Hawke (daughter of Ethan) and Chase Sui Wonders (niece of Anna) also feature.

To coincide with the new campaign, Coppola has also released a series of short ad spots. If you want to find out about Rashida Jones's first kiss or tips for picking up Lauren Hutton, then scroll to the candid anecdotes below.

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