Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade smiling
Getty Images / FilmMagic / Bobby Metelus

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony had a chat via Instagram Live. Catching up over some wine, the two discussed, among many other things, their fondest memories of Kobe Bryant.

Anthony told the story of how he gained Bryant’s respect during a Nuggets vs. Lakers game. At the time, Anthony was playing for the Denver Nuggets and admitted he was a little nervous about approaching the late NBA legend while on the court.

“It’s hard to speak to people when you come on the court, ’cause you don’t know what their mentality is,” Anthony said. “So, Kobe comes on the court. He gives me dap, I give him dap. Throughout the game, he’s sayin’ little shit to me, like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re gonna let you go off now, until the fourth quarter. I’mma guard you in the fourth quarter.'”

So, once the fourth quarter comes around, Bryant starts fouling and trash-talking Anthony. “I had my braids done. The most disrespectful thing you can do is touch someone’s braids. He hit the bottom of my braids, like ‘Calm down, little bro.’ He little-bro’d me. He sonned me!”

After the game, however, Bryant approached Anthony and told him he had nothing but respect for him. “He came to me and he was like, ‘You got my respect. You didn’t back down. I wanted to see if you were gonna stand the test of time.'” So, without even knowing it, Anthony passed Bryant’s test.

Hear more of Wade and Anthony’s best Kobe Bryant memories below.