To paraphrase Ariana Grande, thank u 2018, but next. To many, the year felt like it dragged on a century — so long, in fact, that you may have forgotten that it was only a few months ago that Lindsay Lohan had that bizarre interaction with a family of Syrian refugees, Elon Musk said he might move to Mars, Travis Scott rocked a Babushka vibe, and Balenciaga dropped that $8,000 meme-worthy coat.

However, layered-coats and planet relocations aside, the end of the year is always a time for reflection and positive thoughts for the next 12 months. Around the world — from Cardi B in Australia, to Post Malone in NYC, to Vince Staples in New Zealand — celebrities took to social media to share their 2018 memories, 2019 intentions, and of course, their party pics.

Take a look at how your favorite celebs spent New Year's Eve 2018 below.

Post Malone raised a toast on stage in Times Square

Ariana Grande was all "thank u, next"

Kim Kardashian shared a tbt to that time (a week ago) she took a sleigh ride with Paris Hilton

Kylie Jenner shared her fire NYE look

Kanye West's feeling the love

Kris Jenner shared her top 2018 moments

Snoop reminded everyone he's still the dopest m'f***er

Gucci Mane celebrated in Vegas

Travis Scott is going harder in 2019

Emrata is grateful

Karlie Kloss looked zen AF

Cardi B twerked in an elevator

Jonah Hill was Jonah Hill

Young Thug embraced the bromance

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DJ Khalhed gave thanks

Anderson .Paak celebrated in Byron Bay

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Conor McGregor has an exciting arrival planned for 2019

Vince Staples tapped in with his nearest and dearest

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How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? Let us know in the comments.

In other news, Floyd Mayweather earns quick $9 million with first round win over Tenshin Nasukawa.

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