Beloved turn-based strategy video game Civilization VI is currently available for free. You can liven up your coronavirus quarantine by downloading the title for PC through the Epic Games Store until later today, May 28, at 11 a.m. EST when the offer expires.

Once you have an Epic Games account, which is also free, you can download Civilization VI and retain a digital copy of the game even after the promotion runs its course. If you fail to download the game by the May 28 deadline, you'll then have to pay $60 for the installment.

Upon release in October of 2016, Civilization VI became the series' fastest-selling edition, with more than 5.5 million copies sold as of last year. The game, which is known for being highly addictive, allows players to cultivate and rule their own kingdom.

You begin by choosing one of 23 civilizations. While exploring and expanding your empire, you compete against other players to gain control over lands and populations. Not only must you build a formidable army, but you also need to feed your lands and pursue diplomatic relationships with other opponents to keep your kingdom from collapsing.

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