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Following the release of its hit collaboration with adidas, Italian sportswear label C.P. Company has teamed up with British rock star Sergio Pizzorno of Kasabian on a limited edition three-piece collection available exclusively at Flannels.

Named "The Mind's Eye," the collection channels the mystical concept of an invisible third eye that gifts people perception beyond the ordinary recognized senses — the idea is central to Pizzorno's music, stage performance, and lifestyle. To bring the idea to life, C.P. Company's lead designers worked closely with Pizzorno to reimagine the brand's iconic Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket to include a third goggle on the hood.

Ever since I was a teenager, there has always been a Goggle jacket hanging up in the wardrobe. Back then I thought it was cool to own but growing up with the brand and starting to appreciate more of Massimo Osti’s vision, I realized how complex and forward-thinking C.P. Company was. To be asked to collaborate felt like a huge honor.

Sergio Pizzorno

The poncho is constructed using C.P. Company's innovative new water-resistant Nyfoil fabric which is quick drying and internally coated with a metallic silver laminate. Informed by archival pieces, the poncho features a double bellow pocket with ‘C.P. Company & Sergio Pizzorno’ branding on the sleeve and back. The poncho will be released in red, green, and purple, however, only 99 will be released so cop early or risk missing out. Adding to the rarity of this piece, each one comes with a book featuring never-before-seen photography by Kasabian's photographer Neil Bedford.

In addition to the Mille Miglia-inspired poncho, C.P. Company and Pizzorno have worked together to co-create a crewneck sweatshirt and t-shirt each featuring a three goggle graphic print referencing the goggles on the poncho and of course the third eye concept. The sweatshirts and t-shirts will be available in off-white cotton jersey and also feature C.P. Company and Sergio Pizzorno branding on the front and back.

I was always fascinated by the imagery used on Headstone, a 13th Floor Elevator record sleeve that I owned. Also, a lot of the old rave posters I had as a kid growing up used this symbol, that’s when I first became aware of it. To me being on stage has always felt like having an extra sense, using a third eye to connect with the crowd that’s where the idea came from to add a third google.

Sergio Pizzorno

To celebrate the collaboration, C.P. Company has released the latest installment from its "Eyes on the City" film series. Each film is a visual journey of urban exploration and this latest edition created by Ozzie Pullin gives a cinematic and intimate portrayal of Pizzorno looking at where mysticism plays a role in his home, studio, and stage life. The film also features voice-over and a bespoke track from Pizzorno.

The C.P. Company & Sergio Pizzorno capsule collection will be available exclusively from C.P. Company and Flannels from September 10. Keep up with future C.P. Company releases by following the brand on Instagram.

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