Artist and sometime adidas collaborator Daniel Arsham is dropping a new limited edition sculpture next Monday. The piece, Hourglass Blue, explores the intersection of time, object, and function.

As the name suggests, the artwork is shaped like and functions as an hourglass. It’s crafted from glass and the interior houses blue sand and two cast objects at either end, a camera on one side and a quartz crystal on the other.

Announcing the piece on Instagram, Arsham explained that as the hourglass rotates, one object is uncovered while the other is buried. This, he states, acts as a kind of “cyclical archaeology,” a constant rotation of burial and discovery.

“This device perfectly encapsulates many of the ideas present in my larger body of work,” Arsham writes, “fictional archeology, material manipulation, time travel, science fiction and the occult, and an engineering of our expectations of how objects should function and act.”

Hourglass Blue measures 9.6 inches in height, 4.5 inches in diameter, and each cycle runs for approximately 30 minutes. It comes out on Monday, March 4 via Arsham’s online store.

News Editor