You might be able to justify one of those funky Dior sneakers — hey, you can wear 'em outside at least — but are you posh enough for fancy house shoes? If so, you're the target market for Dior's new capsule of cozy homeware. The concise collection is the luxury house's first dedicated line of men's home goods, encompassing a few fancy pieces ideal for impressing everyone in the airport lounge.

These pieces aren't necessarily for the well-heeled traveler alone, but their handily compact presentation makes them equally suited to in-flight recuperation as it does lazy days on the (expensive) couch. Dior's new selection includes an eye mask, scarf, slippers, and a pouch big enough to carry them all, appropriately rendered in top-shelf textiles and plenty of statement branding.

Specifically, the mask, scarf, and pouch sport the inimitable Oblique pattern with suitably elevated accents, like the sturdy leather sole that anchors the low-profile and, frankly, cleverly named "Indior" slipper. The scarf is especially lavish, thanks to oversized shawl-like proportions that make it easy to wrap the cashmere and wool piece around yourself for maximum coziness.

Dior wasn't the first luxury player to come up with elevated home goods, of course, but this release's travel-friendly packability heralds the return of regular travel, a source of inspiration and, crucially, profits for fashion houses. There's no telling when, if ever, pre-pandemic normalcy will return, but drops like this are at least aspirational and, naturally, are equally apt for staycations.

Items from this homeware capsule have already begun hitting Dior's website, soon launching in full alongside a rollout at the brand's global flagship stores.

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