It is not a big secret that Drake is a massive Stone Island fan. Below you can see him with Stone Island owner Carlo Rivetti, for example. And you can spot the rapper any week wearing multiple Stone Island items.

Therefore this latest move was actually only a matter of time. Earlier this year celebrity jeweler Ben Baller made Drake a $100k Stone Island logo gold and diamond-encrusted chain, as you can see here below. The pendant features black, green, and canary yellow diamonds with 880 grams of gold. If you are one of rap's richest with an estimated fortune of $60 million, then this is of course no problem.

Now Ben Baller took to Instagram to explain the process behind the chain, writing that the mix of green and black diamonds was "extremely difficult" to mix but "WE DID THAT." Obviously Drizzy was worth the extra effort.

Here is another look at Drake sporting the chain.

Ben Baller was nice enough to even film the moment when he handed the chain over to Drake. Watch it below.

And here is your most detailed look yet at the chain and its diamond-encrusted upper.

Drake is clearly excited!

In other news, here's why Drake and streetwear are ruining Stone Island for soccer fans.

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