Drake's clothing label OVO has started suing companies it believes are ripping off its owl logo, TMZ reports. OVO has recently sued Bellroy, an Australian company using the familiar owl design, for copyright infringement.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, OVO claims Bellroy has "changed the design of the owl by altering its posture, width, wings, and feet in order to blatantly mimic the OVO owl." In 2019, the Australian company collaborated with LA-based Clae on a pair of shoes. As the shoe highly resembles OVO's Clarks collab, Drake's lawsuit is also directed at Clae.

This isn't the first time Bellroy has used the owl logo. The brand had been applying the design on leather wallets, smartphone cases, and other accessories for years. Its recent move towards footwear and apparel, however, led OVO to file a lawsuit.

Drake's company wants Bellroy and Clae to stop using the owl logo, seeking an unspecified amount of damages as well as any profits made from the collab.

See for yourself below.

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