Drake’s 2018 single “Nonstop” is in the center of a new TikTok #FlipChallenge, and the internet is going crazy for it, celebrities included.

The latest to jump on the challenge is Jennifer Lopez, joined by her fiancée Alex Rodriguez. Once the lights switch, Rodriguez can be seen wearing J-Lo's tight white dress and hoop earrings, while Lopez rocks her partner's blue jacket, white shirt, and khaki pants.

The challenge centers around the Scorpion album track — specifically the first line in which Drizzy sings, “Look, I just flipped the switch, flipped, flipped." Nailing the content is simple. Firstly, you need a partner and a mirror (ideally in the bathroom). Then, with the lyrics playing in the background, you and your partner(s) flip a light switch and flip outfits.

The challenge itself isn't exactly new. While people may only be going mad for it now, the first-ever attempt apparently emerged in November of last year. Now, even politicians, including U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Warren have taken up the challenge. Take a look at some more of the best responses to Drake's FlipChallenge below.

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