Dyson has announced futuristic updates to a range of its products, including the introduction of its new Lightcycle. Amid products that are built to break, the Dyson Lightcycle is a clever new lamp that promises a bulb that will last up to 60 years. It also packs some handy features, most notably, a USB-C port capable for charging smartphones, gadgets such as the Nintendo Switch, and laptops.

The intuitive desk and floor lamp can certainly read a room. The super adaptable light can be pre-programmed to gradually wake you up, adjust brightness according to your reading age and change warmth to adapt to the ambience.

Because it connects to the Dyson app, it can regulate and adjust to the changing light in your exact location. This feature is perhaps only really appealing to those who travel with their desk lamp, but given all these new, handy features, that might actually make sense.

Two variations of the Dyson Lightcycle are readily available on dyson.com. With the desk version retailing for an eye-watering $599.99, and the floor version retailing for $899.00, Dyson’s latest invention is an investment for the future, in every sense of the word.

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