Of course, Elon Musk isn't happy with just making electric cars and exploring space – he's now also creating humanoids.

Weighing in at 125 pounds and measuring 5ft 8in, the humanoid was revealed at Tesla's AI day event and is said to be designed to do, "boring, repetitious and dangerous" tasks. Musk spoke about the new prototype, explaining that the robot could have "profound implications for the economy," addressing labor shortages by creating a new machine that isn't "super expensive." Not sure what "super expensive" means when you're a billionaire, but I guess that will become clear down the line.

The design of the humanoid is precisely what we expected it to be. The robots look like robots – the kind that will turn evil and destroy humanity. But thankfully, Musk explained that it is designed to be outrun and overpowered if needed.

Dressed in a white skintight suit with the shoulders and head in a glossy black color, and features the recognizable Tesla logo across its chest. Futuristic and predictable, the Tesla humanoid follows the label's same sleek design approach, where it had so many opportunities to really do something cool. If you're going to create a friendly humanoid robot to hang out with us, you might as well make them look a little less sinister and a little more approachable.

Take famous robots like Star Wars' C3-PO, the Autobots from Transformers (wouldn't it have been great if the humanoid could also turn into a car?), Iron Man, Baymax from Big Hero 6 – you name it – they've all got eye-catching and bold design, and would make for a good piece of decor when they're not doing their "boring, repetitious, and dangerous tasks." They're all colorful and fun (but they're also not real), and seem like they'd be in for a good time.

Perhaps the initial design can still be improved, and we don't have any information on whether your Tesla Bot will be customizable or available in multiple colorways. Perhaps they will also be able to wear a Supreme box logo, Travis Scott Jordan 1s, or an iced-out Rolex.

Elon Musk's Humanoid Robot should have its first prototype available next year. “Essentially, in the future, physical work will be a choice,” Musk added. It remains to be seen what the price tag for the Tesla Bot will look like, and whilst we await the official release, we're making the most out of our day-to-day tasks and are beginning training for when we'll eventually have to outrun Musk's robot army.

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