The first trailer for Eminem's upcoming virtual reality documentary, Marshall From Detroit, delivers a 360-degree spin around the rapper's stomping ground. Watch above.

Exploring Detroit through Mather's eyes, the trailer cruises down high streets and highways — all of which can be explored further via the rotation function in the top left — while he sits in the backseat, talking to Sway Calloway about the memories the city evokes.

Made by Felix & Paul Studios and directed by Caleb Slain, the documentary is set to premiere at Sundance Film Festival, which kicks of in Utah tomorrow, January 24.

In a conversation with Variety, Slain explained that using VR enables them to "extend the blanked of intimacy" and introduce the viewer to a "mystic version of Detroit you could never see for yourself."

Following the Sundance premiere, Marshall From Detroit will be available to watch via Facebook's Oculus Go and Rift VR in January.

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