eminem proof 1999 freestyle
Getty Images / Bob Carey

Tim Westwood has just unveiled an unexpected treat from his TV treasure trove — an unreleased freestyle from Eminem and fellow D12 member, the late Proof, that dates back 20 years.

The freestyle originally aired on the New York Live show with Westwood and Marley Marl in 1999, around the time Mathers was promoting The Slim Shady LP.

The track features a bunch of classic Slim Shady quips, such as “Forget the controversy surrounding me / And all these fake ass press people surrounding me, hounding me. / But I don’t give a damn ’cause I smoke a pound of weed / Y’all don’t want none of me.”

And the comical, “I’ma cook up crack in a skillet and eat it and smoke it and whatever / Take my dick and poke it,” raps Em before Proof takes the mic.

The freestyle was released in 10-year anniversary celebration of another Eminem and Proof collab — the Westwood freestyle, which you can revisit below.

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