eric elms viewsonic exhibition hvw8

Former KAWS studio assistant and Supreme designer Eric Elms' exhibition "ViewSonic" is now showing at HVW8 in Los Angeles.

"ViewSonic" includes paintings from two of Elms' series, "Halftone" and "Stair." The LA-based artist uses his experience in graphic design to inform his art. According to the show's promotional materials, Elms breaks down images, "re-inventing and re-purposing the familiar to the brink of ambiguity," walking the line "between representation and abstraction."

This re-working is designed to make the viewer think about the image in a deeper way. Explore some of the artworks above.

"ViewSonic" books and T-shirts are available to buy at the gallery and online.

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The exhibition is showing now through to April 14, 2019.

HVW8 661 North Spaulding Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

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