In light of all the social and political unrest currently running rampant in the United States right now, buzzy new NYC brand Ev Bravado has found a way to call for order via its debut collection, poignantly titled "Make America Suck Again."

A satirical spin on Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign, the six-piece collection, which is comprised of a distressed denim jacket, two long-sleeve T-shirts, a hoodie, a pair of embroidered jeans and a parka, is riddled with twisted, politically charged graphics such as a grim reaper cloaked in an American flag, a skeletal eagle and slogans that read "Make Amerikkka Suck Again" and "God Less America."

I reached out to Ev Bravado designer, Everard Best, to find out more about the collection and understand what he meant by wanting to make America "suck again."

Why do you want to "make America suck again?"

Well, the thing is not to make America as a nation suck again, but to make "AmeriKKKa" suck again - meaning all of the racism, sexism, elitism and cultural bias that we minorities deal with on a daily basis. We see on the news the killing and exploitation of minorities doing no harm and the executioners generally walking away free. My message is to call for equality in this nation and to do away with all the hatred and "Make America Great Again" by extending equality and fairness to all men.

What's the story behind the graphics?

They're a satirical take on Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign. What Trump is really saying is let's return to the olden days, back when the United States was known for the trickle-down economics (which is a complete sham), where the rich dictate what goes on. Let's do away with healthcare for the poor because they can fend for themselves, let's close the borders of our nation and spur hatred to our friends in Mexico, who are really the backbone for a ton of businesses in this country.

The grim reaper with the American flag portrays the nature of the justice system in the country for the last couple of years, since the justice system protects who they deem necessary while everyone else faces a different fate. The bird skeleton also represents the failing justice system of the country. As you know, the bald eagle is our national bird, but this bird shows signs of weakness and is meant reflect the current sentimentality of this country. "God Less America" is just a play on words of "God Bless America."

What's next?

Coming next is a collaboration with an artist from California, but that will be literally flames, no pun intended. After that will be my debut FW16 line which will be entitled "Rebirth," and that's slated for late August/early September. Designing for Lease on Life Society over the years was like a trial period for me as a designer, but I feel like I'm really hitting my stride now. I'm more focused than ever.

What will you do if Trump gets elected?

If Trump wins, all we can do is pray for this nation. It won't be pretty.

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