Paris street style Louis Vuitton
Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Facebook wants to help you up your fashion game. The social network is experimenting on an AI system, Fashion++, that will help users pick out and style outfits.

Facebook trained Fashion++ by showing the AI thousands of images of outfits that were deemed “fashionable.” With this repertoire of information the AI is able to recognize garments and give subtle suggestions to improve an outfit, by recommending ways to adjust a piece of clothing, such as tucking in a shirt or rolling up the sleeve.

This experiment if realized would mark a significant breakthrough Artificial Intelligence as it would give it a more creative and assistive role. Facebook claims that the system already works, stating “human evaluators find the Fashion++ suggestions not only fashionable but also easy to implement.”

This is the tech company’s latest venture into the world of fashion. Earlier this week, we reported that Facebook and Ray-Ban are developing AI glasses.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer