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Facebook and Ray-Ban parent company Luxottica have united to develop augmented reality glasses that you actually want to wear — even if the whole thing does sound very Black Mirror — CNBC reports.

The glasses are currently in development under the codename “Orion” and have been designed to replace smartphones. They will allow users to take and make calls, show information in a small display, and live-stream their viewpoint to social media friends and followers.

Apparently Facebook is simultaneously developing an artificial intelligence voice assistant that would allow the glasses functionality to be activated via voice commands. What’s more, the company is also testing a “ring device” that allows users to input information via motion sensor, though it’s not clear what that would look like in reality.

According to CNBC, aesthetics are the main concern in the development process so far, reporting that the social media giant is struggling to reduce the size of the glasses into a shape consumers will actually want to put on their face.

The aim is to have the glasses ready for retail between 2023 and 2025.

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