Fendi's new Touch of Fur shawl has been quickly dubbed the “vulva scarf." While the shawl comes in a number of colors, the peachy pink version does give off a distinctly vaginal vibe, birthing a Twitter meltdown of confusion and hilarity.

To rock the NSFW piece will set you back a hefty $990, but that doesn't appear to have deterred fans of the brand: the pink colorway has already sold out over at Farfetch, and is currently not available on Fendi's official website.

Whether the similarity was an unlucky coincidence or a masterful troll designed to get people talking is unclear. Either way, Twitter had a field day with the fuzzy adornment. We’ve rounded up the best of the "vulva scarf" reactions for your amusement below.

Honestly speechless

They definitely knew

Let’s not make it a thing

It really can’t be unseen

Some were here for it, though

Others took issue with the scarf's use of real fur

What are your thoughts on Fendi's “vulva scarf?” Let us know in the comments.

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