Flowers for Society is a new sneaker brand that aims to combine the worlds of sneaker collecting with that of NFTs. Both worlds overlap in the sense that they are built on peoples’ innate drive to collect exclusive things, and the potential for making money off of said items. Flowers for Society hopes to provide the bridge for both communities and change the way people consumer and collect sneakers.

The brand, which is in its very early stages, has just revealed its first sneaker design, as well as how the concept works. All Flowers For Society product drops are available through pre-orders, and each product is linked to a unique NFT. As the brand puts it: “by purchasing the first sneaker, you will gain access to our metaverse community. The corresponding NFT is a certificate of authenticity and membership, which will be the key to participating in future sneaker releases, limited editions, and collaborations.”

Basically, the brand hopes to produce only as many products as there is demand for during the first run. Then, as demand hopefully grows for subsequent releases, the NFTs will provide those that want the product with access. As demand increases for the brand’s drops, the supply of the NFTs will stay the same, meaning those will rise in value if sold to someone outside the community.

The brand’s first sneaker, which is called SEED.ONE, features a hyper-futuristic design, with a midsole that looks like it is 3D-printed to some degree and arrives with a pattern of holes in it. Subtle branding is seen on the upper, which combines a mesh base with other textile materials.

Flowers For Society also claims to put education and social responsibility at the forefront of its product drops. It has committed to building an educational center in Vietnam, a hotspot for footwear manufacturing, and promises to raise funds for other projects through subsequent drops.

The first drop is scheduled for November 6. Stay tuned for more information.

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