It's matchday; you've rocked up to your Sunday League game in a full FC Barcelona kit (socks included), but is it really a full kit without the G-SHOCK GBD-H1000BAR or GBD-100BAR to match? I think not. 

Everything culture has its faux pas – some, in fashion, would have you think navy and black cannot be worn together (I'd disagree); in sport, you'd be bold to rock up anyway, let alone a match, in a full kit. We'd need not repeat the terminology for that wardrobe choice. 

Though we've all seen some bold three-piece matchday lays, personally, I've yet to see someone match their watch to their jersey, nor had I envisioned it until now. 

In celebration of Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona – an eight-episode documentary series that focuses on the 2018–2019 season – Casio is expanding its iconic G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches to include two new pieces. 

Taking the GBD-H1000BAR and GBD-100BAR as its foundations, the colorful collaboration has left me feeling like Messi at PSG is a strange fever dream, and FIFA 14 has just dropped with the Barca-clad star on the cover. 

Both watches come from the G-SQUAD line – which feels fitting for a footy team collab – and employ the classic Barcelona home kit colors of blue and garnet, designed to evoke past and present team uniforms.

You'll find both watches are equipped with an accelerometer to count steps and track distances, Mobile Link for daily health management and activity logs, exceptional visibility, and flexibility.

For all of the fans out there looking to relive the FC Barcelona glory days, both collaborative G-SHOCKs are coming soon to the brand's online store.

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