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Google has released its annual list of the most searched-for terms on its platform, with the 2018 FIFA World Cup topping the list.

Disney and Marvel Studios’ superhero blockbuster Black Panther was the only movie or TV show in an overall top 10 that includes a number of high-profile figures who died during 2018, including Mac Miller, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and Stan Lee.

The top 10 most-searched people in 2018 includes Khloe Kardashian, Eminem, Cardi B, and Rick Ross. The most-searched movie in the US was Black Panther, followed by Incredibles 2, Deadpool 2, and Avengers: Infinity War.

To compile the lists, Google analyzed trillions of searches using algorithms to filter out repeat queries and to compare percentage increases in searches for specific terms over the course of the year. Head over to Google for more information and scroll down to see the lists in full.

Overall Searches

1. World Cup
2. Hurricane Florence
3. Mac Miller
4. Kate Spade
5. Anthony Bourdain
6. Black Panther
7. Mega Millions results
8. Stan Lee
9. Demi Lovato
10. Election results


1. Black Panther
2. Incredibles 2
3. Deadpool 2
4. Avengers: Infinity War
5. A Quiet Place
6. A Star Is Born
7. Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Venom
9. Hereditary
10. The Nun

TV Shows

1. Roseanne
2. Altered Carbon
3. The Haunting of Hill House
4. American Idol
5. Lost in Space
6. Cobra Kai
7. Castle Rock
8. Westworld
9. Insatiable
10. On My Block


1. Logan Paul
2. Bill Cosby
3. Sylvester Stallone
4. Pete Davidson
5. Michael B. Jordan
6. Allison Mack
7. Noah Centineo
8. Bradley Cooper
9. Roseanne Barr
10. Chadwick Boseman


1. Demi Lovato
2. Meghan Markle
3. Brett Kavanaugh
4. Logan Paul
5. Khloe Kardashian
6. Eminem
7. Urban Meyer
8. Ariana Grande
9. Rick Ross
10. Cardi B


1. Mac Miller
2. Kate Spade
3. Anthony Bourdain
4. Stan Lee
5. Aretha Franklin
6. XXXTentacion
7. Mollie Tibbetts
8. Avicii
9. Burt Reynolds
10. John McCain


1. World Cup
2. Hurricane Florence
3. Mega Millions
4. Election results
5. Hurricane Michael
6. Kavanaugh confirmation
7. Florida shooting
8. Royal wedding
9. Olympic medal count
10. Government shutdown

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Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.