Model: Highsnobiety BERLIN, BERLIN T-Shirt

Price: 55€

Where: Here on the Gorillas app in select Berlin districts

Editor’s Notes:

To continue the celebration of our multi-channel project, BERLIN, BERLIN, delivery app Gorillas, and Highsnobiety have come together to honor their hometown on a cross-creative collab.

For a limited time only, Gorillas will be selling our exclusive Highsnobiety BERLIN, BERLIN T-shirt on its app, so getting your hands on our merch has never been quicker, or easier. Known for its speedy delivery time, Gorillas can have these pieces at your door in under ten minutes.

We’ve also teamed up with Gorillas on a capsule collection that highlights the capital’s vibrant energy and creativity through the merging of fashion, food, and fits. From a limited edition hoodie and T-shirt to velcro patches for the rider backpacks, and Highsnobiety x Gorillas paper delivery bags, the drop teems with bold, comfy garments and accessories that will be worn by the riders, and are hard to miss — cue the big banana.

"Gorillas and Highsnobiety have more in common than just being born and bred in Berlin, we also share a common devotion to fresh products, creativity that is very much present in our teams, and an aim to reshape old modes of thought related to culture and technology," says Gorillas Brand Director, Angharad Probert.

Keep an eye out for the merch collab, and cop your BERLIN, BERLIN T-shirt on the Gorillas app now.

This piece appears as part of BERLIN, BERLIN — a week-long virtual celebration of creativity in the city Highsnobiety calls home. See the full series here.

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