The nominees for the 2020 Grammy Awards were announced yesterday and, per usual, it's a divisive list of incredible acknowledgments and puzzling omissions. While the usual debate wages about whether the Grammys got it right or wrong, the artists nominated are understandably delighted and have shared their reactions in the best way.

From first-time nominees, like Lil Nas X, and perplexed honorees (Tyler, the Creator), to returning Grammy winners, like H.E.R., here's how artists reacted to being acknowledged by the Grammys.

Once a Grammy-nominated artist, always a Grammy-nominated artist

DaBaby had the best reaction

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Others got their speeches ready

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Some were just straight-up surprised

Tyler, the Creator, whose IGOR is up for Best Rap Album, is one of the contested nominees. With many fans and artists alike questioning whether the record even merits being labeled as rap. Goldlink, who wasn't nominated, also raised questions about Tyler's categorization and many more missed opportunities, in a scathing critique of the Recording Academy on Instagram.

The rapper announced he is "no longer participating" in the Grammy "game", arguing that this years nominations once again showed "the lack of relevance" of the Academy, especially in relation to people of color and international acts. "Tyler got one fuckin nomination in a category he didn’t even participate in knowing damn well he deserved album of the year," he wrote. Goldlink also attacked Solange being snubbed and Burna Boy's breakout album African Giant being relegated to Best World Music Album. View his entire caption below.

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