Even in an age where genre distinctions have never meant less, Grandma is crafting music that pushes the notion of genre experimentation and fusion to unimaginably innovative heights. The Atlanta multi-instrumentalist churns out a melange of lo-fi bedroom ballads with raw hip-hop beats tied together in a pretty pop bow with a childlike glee, only his keen ear for such a diffuse mixture betrays the utmost maturity.

Today marks the release of Grandma's debut mixtape, Even If We Don't Get It Together, and while it is difficult to summarize the rampant eclecticism of the full project, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better standalone example of its bonkers sound than "Stomp and Grind," an inspired collaboration with the one and only Rico Nasty. We're thrilled to host the premiere to the track's video, which you can feast your eyes on below:

Speaking on how the track came together, Grandma tells Highsnobiety in an email that one should "work with your heroes whenever you get the chance. Rico and I had a very short introduction before we started working together. sometimes in writing sessions it can be tough to be vulnerable with someone new (especially when its rico fucking nasty) but that wasn't the case during these sessions. the song is about the grind, the little victories and longing for another. stomp and grind invoked the feeling of wandering through a forest while simultaneously stumbling through a coke-fueled hotel club. we brought in our incredibly talented friend and director miggy to capture this vision."

And in case it wasn't already clear, Rico Nasty tellingly adds “Grandma is cooler than my grandma.”

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