It's easy enough to plan a Halloween costume for yourself but what if you wanna get your pooch in on the action?

In fact, for the first real Halloween in COVID-19's (ongoing) wake, it'd be even better to bring the dog along since you've already been spending so much time together. The trick is pulling off the perfect pup costume.

Not confident in your doggy DIY skills but still wanna outfit your own furry friend in a standout dog-stume? Take a page from the parade attendees and dress to match them. That is to say, reverse engineer your own Halloween 'fit to match your dog.

For instance, there are loads of affordable doggy costumes online — I'm partial to the ones that have hands or a character "riding" on the dog's back, myself, with the "dogs carrying a present" getup being my all-time fave.

Find one that fits your taste (or wardrobe) and go from there. For instance, if you've got a brown (or at least khaki) shirt and shorts, you've got a UPS driver outfit to match your dog's tiny uniform.

Word of warning: just like you ought to be conscious of the cultural connotations related to your own costume, don't dress your dog in any appropriative outfits. Just because it's pet-sized doesn't mean it isn't offensive.

Anyways, it could also be worth investing in some decent doggy duds that they can wear all the time. Lots of possibilities and — even better — less environmental waste with multi-use apparel that outlasts the holiday.

SSENSE really has the higher end of the market cornered here, with a vast selection of stylish pet accoutrement that includes clothing, toys, and beds.

Here, pooch-sized Stutterheim raincoats, Moncler puffers, and Heron Preston jackets and do double duty by complementing your own Halloween style and serving as a generally useful dog garment.

Ashley Williams' killer doggy sweaters are genuinely cool enough that it'd almost be worth hunting down a matching piece for yourself. It worked for Paris...

Seriously, this stuff is so stylish that your dog may outdress you. In that case, put on some dog facepaint and swap roles for an easy Halloween flex (I mean, you did buy a dog-sized Moncler puffer).

None of this is very scary, admittedly, but the dog-stumes make up for it in cuteness. And that's a much more satisfying win in my book.

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