Memphis native Harlan Hutton is here to soundtrack summer with all the indie pop gems that your heart desires. Today, we're premiering her new single "Fingertips" which is a tender tune about the painfully relatable dilemma of having feelings for someone and not being able to tell them. It's the type of situation is that honestly never goes away no matter how old you get and still leaves you feeling dizzy whenever that special person comes around.

"It’s about desperately wanting to have that conversation about your feelings, but not wanting to rely on substances to get the courage up to have it," she said in an email. "A mixture of hoping that person feels the same but also wishing that person could just read your mind to save you from having to spill your heart out."

Harlan's self-titled debut album is due out on June 21. Catch a feel and stream the breezy track in full below.

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