On Monday night, approximately 1,000 court documents from the Harvey Weinstein trial were unsealed, Variety reports. The documents revealed that the disgraced movie mogul tried to save his career by begging help from powerful contacts including Quentin Tarantino, Michael Bloomberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Netflix's Ted Sarandos, and Apple's Tim Cook via email.

Per the report, Weinstein began emailing his contacts on October 8, 2017 — three days after The New York Times broke its explosive coverage of the sexual harassment allegations pitted against him.

In an email to Cook, Weinstein wrote, “I don’t need you to make any public statements — just a private one to my Gmail address, saying that you support me getting therapy and the help I need before the board fires me. I’m in a tough spot ... If they fire me now, it’ll destroy me personally and cause a huge legal battle, based on my rights with the company."

The email continued, "If I have support from someone like you getting me going into treatment and having the shot at a second chance (because people deserve a second chance), it would be very helpful.”

In a message to Bezos, Weinstein said, "There are many false allegations and over time, we’ll prove it, but right now, I’m the poster boy for bad behavior." In another email, he reached out to Tarantino's agent and to (his now wife) Daniella Pick. "I need to speak to Quentin today — is he available? I appreciate you letting me know, thank you." To Sarandos he said, "I need your friendship now."

It is not publicly known whether Weinstein received any response to these emails.

Weinstein is now a convicted rapist and will spend 23 years — aka the rest of his life — in jail. Find out more about that here.

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