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With the series of heatwaves currently taking place around the globe (yes, climate change is a thing), being productive in the office has become even harder than it already was. If you’re one of the unlucky ones slaving away from an office not blessed with some good ol’ A/C, the room you’re working from may feel more like a microwave oven than a place to make your millions.

The feeling is all too familiar to us at Highsnobiety, and so we’ve decided to compile some essential tips to stay cool in the workplace in this extreme heat. From hydration to knowing the spots on your body to keep cool, we’re here to make these crazy times in the office that bit more bearable. And for those already doing the most to cool their 9-5s, we’ve also featured a few desktop products to stop the sweat.

Scroll down to read all our tips on how to stay cool during heatwaves, and take notes.

Close the blinds

While flooding your desk with natural sunlight can be tempting, keeping your window blinds closed will do its bit to keep the heat away. If you’re in need of an extra light source, now’s the time to ask your office manager for that desk lamp.

H2O is your friend

Hydration is, of course, key all of the time — but blazing days such as these call for as much water as possible. If you want to avoid sipping on pasta water (those ice trays empty out quickly, don’t they?), store your bottle in the freezer overnight for an icy treat the following morning.

No black ’fits

It may sound obvious, but in creative offices such as ours, someone is always trying to rock all-black despite the 100-degree heat. Now is the time for those all-white ’fits we brought you earlier in the season, and don’t be afraid to rock shorts at work.

Get a personal fan

Y’know those little USB desk fans? Well, we’re currently swearing by them at Highsnobiety HQ. Whether your workplace has A/C, industrial ceiling fans, or nothing at all (yikes), having your own personal fan blowing in your face will make that much of a difference.

Caffeine is not your friend

This may be hard to handle for a lot of you, but drinking coffee when it’s this hot out will do nothing but raise your body temperature and increase your heart-rate. Opt for a cool glass of iced tea instead.

Turn off unused electronics

No, we’re not telling you to shut down and go home, but not only will turning off devices like printers, photocopiers, and unused screens save energy, it’ll also lower the room temperature.

Cool your pulse

Rather than taking regular trips to the bathroom to run your head under a cold tap, holding an ice cube to your pulse points — or just dabbing them with cool water — will bring instant relief while reducing your body temperature.

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