Yesterday, we announced the final judging panel for the Highsnobiety x PAQ Best Dressed YouTuber Awards, the first awards to celebrate the YouTube streetwear community and showcase its range of styles. After weeks of voting, the finalists from the Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight categories have all been decided and will now be judged by our panel of style experts. In the same spirit promoted by our collaborators PAQ, this isn’t about throwing shade or passing objective judgment, it’s about healthy competition and love of the culture.

Below, you can get to know our panel of judges a little better. After all, we need to know how they themselves are qualified to choose 2018’s steeziest YouTuber. Stay tuned for the final round of the Highsnobiety x PAQ Best Dressed YouTuber Awards, which drops on June 8.

Sarah Snyder

Sarah, aka Sarah fucking Snyder, is an Instagram phenomenon known for selfies, her 1.7 million stans, and a penchant for the latest streetwear. Building a dedicated cult following takes a bit of cunning and knowledge of exactly how much (or how little) to share with your followers. And with shots and personal branding instincts like this and this, what more do you need to know?

Gully Guy Leo

Leo Mandella, aka Gully Guy Leo, is one of the most revered influencers/models/style heads out there. His style caught the attention of the streetwear community when he continuously dropped ’fit after ’fit with flawless coordination and backdrops that could compete with the creative direction of luxury photoshoots. Gully appeared as a guest judge on episode 31 of PAQ, in which he set the boys a selfie challenge with a yellow Supreme “Child of Hell” sweater as the focus.

Atip W

Atip Wananuruks holds more than two decades of experience in the fashion industry across international publications and brands. Based in our London office, he has been steering Highsnobiety’s style content as our fashion director for nearly five years. As a visual storyteller, Atip uses his wealth of experience and finely tuned aesthetic instincts to produce fashion editorials that communicate a personal story while being beautifully presented. His presence at the BDYs will give the final judging panel an authoritative voice that knows the industry inside-out, one able to assess style far beyond the metrics of views, followers, and online hype.


Of course, we love the PAQ boys and everything they're doing so we had to include one of them in our panel. Scroll through PAQ episode comments on YouTube and you’ll see “Danny is a pimp,” or “Danny should have won,” written more times than anything else. The only PAQ member not from London, Danny hails from Driffield in Yorkshire, Northern England. His fashion (and haircut) has evolved throughout the show, but it undeniably brings elements of ’60s Mod subculture and a healthy dose of Fred Perry into 2018 for a legitimately unique style.

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