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All these selfless holiday season acts can really take their toll. Sometimes, self-indulgence is in order. And what better way to practice self-love than to implore your family, friends, and loved ones to part ways with their hard-earned dollars in place of something special that you've had your eye on all season?

Rhianna Matthews, curator at Highsnobiety, knows a thing or two about the hottest goods out there. In true holiday spirit, Rhianna has shared the special things she's spotted while frequenting her go-to gift destinations, with the products that caught her eye coming courtesy of a range of brands and retailers, from RIMOWA to Suicoke.

Check our self-loving list of the gifts we want people to buy us this holiday season.

RIMOWA Classic Cabin





"RIMOWA luggage is the luggage we all deserve. And what better way to treat yourself this holiday than investing a future free of crushed duty-free gifts or exploding toothpaste. The signature silver hardshell suitcase, engineered in Germany and 80 percent handmade, is both subtle and statement-making. Not only that, but you can also customize the wheels, handles, and tag to be the true talk of the tarmac."

Carhartt WIP Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

from $85

Carhartt WIP

(Available at 4 Merchants)
(Available at 4 Merchants)

"This legendary Carhartt walkie talkie was an absolute must cop. Whether it's needed for the youngun's to play games with or for you to order your cousin to bring more drinks to the living room, it's a winning choice."

Marine Serre Balaclava

Jacquard Moon Balaclava

Jacquard Moon Balaclava


Marine Serre

Buy at ssense

"I've also been after this piece for a while, and now it's in the sale, it's a no brainer. The jacquard balaclava features the Marine Serre signature pattern all over for a disguised yet in-your-face piece. Love it."

Nike x Off-White™ Jacket

Nrg Jacket #1


Nike x Off-White

Buy at Slam Jam

"To be honest with you, Off-White™ has been off my radar for a while now, but actually, this sports jacket in collaboration with Nike is pretty dope. The fit is perfect for cropped-lovers and the branding is nice and subtle. Except for of course the detachable bag, but okay, a small Off-White™ flex every once in a while ain't so bad."

Suicoke Sandals

Moto-vhl Sandals

Moto-vhl Sandals



Buy at Slam Jam

"For me, there's really no better indoor footwear option to wear around the holidays than a steezy pair of Suicokes. Especially these funky leopard print ones. Yeah, that's right, flexing on the whole family this year."


Hot Wok Top



Buy at ssense

"ASAI is definitely among one the hottest emerging brands at the minute, and the label really killed it with these "Hot Work" tops. This is the perfect piece for being a little extra over the holiday season while keeping it festive and cute."

Nike x MMW Victory Bra

Victory Bra


Nike x MMW

Buy at ssense

"A piece I'm definitely not ashamed to have invested in is this Nike x MMW victory bra. This piece is (hopefully) going to give me the motivation to actually work out over this wine and chocolate heavy season."

COMME des GARÇONS Cardholder

Huge Logo Bifold Card Holder



Buy at ssense

"This CDG wallet has been on my radar for a minute now, and as its holiday season, I just had to treat myself. The piece is super slick and sexy in person, smaller than you would imagine, and the details are perfect. I probably should have bought this for someone else in my family but eh, it's too damn good, sorry!"

New Balance 530 Sneakers



from $109

New Balance

(Available at 4 Merchants)
(Available at 4 Merchants)

"New Balance gives off pure '90s nostalgia with this pair. The 530s are a refreshing option, with the subtle silver highlights and blue accents really making the pair pop. And at a very reasonable price, I just had to."

Kapital Socks

Smiley Socks

Smiley Socks

from $33


(Available at 5 Merchants)
(Available at 5 Merchants)

"A good pair of socks is always a worthy gift for yourself, and Kapital never fails us with its drops. They dropped some new smiley striped cotton-blends from their latest collection, and as expected, so good."

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