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All these selfless holiday season acts can really take their toll. Sometimes, self-indulgence is in order. And what better way to practice self-love than to implore your family, friends, and loved ones to part ways with their hard-earned dollars in place of something special that you’ve had your eye on all season?

While most of this oft-luxe list will probably never greet the family gift wrap, it’s always good to dream. We put our fantasy list together while shopping on Slam Jam, one of our favorite retailers in terms of brand and product curation. They’ve also got a sick winter sale on at the moment, if you happen to be feeling extra considerate when it comes to the bank balance of your loved one.

Check our self-loving list of the gifts we want people to buy us this holiday season.


Radio T-Shirt


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AFFIX knows how to do simple well, that’s for sure. Dropping a wide range of clean-cut gems over the past year, some of them exclusive to certain retailers, the utility-led label recently added photo print graphics to its tee line.

Stüssy Fleece

Basic Polar Fleece Mock


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With the Dior x Stüssy collab recently hitting the runway in Miami, the California-born brand is having a moment, to say the least. The fleece is too, and the two together are a winning combo.

BODE shirt

Kolkata Patchwork Shirt


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Ah, BODE. A label we extolled a great deal in 2019, and rightly so. If you’ve heard us harp on about Emily Bode and her New York-based brand, then you’ll no doubt know the score. Antique fabrics. Intricate details. A winner.

Kapital Socks

Smiley Socks


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Like it or loathe it, socks are an inevitable part of holiday gifting. If you’re going to get any, make sure they come from a quality brand. Kapital makes the cut.

Needles Pants

Warm-up Boot-cut Pant


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Another Highsnobiety favorite, pieces from Needles, such as the track pants, have become modern staples. If you want to go with something a little more off-the-beaten-track, then this boot cut option in a ’70s aesthetic print is a good choice.

And Wander Pants

Light Fleece Pants

and Wander

Buy at Slam Jam

Like many of our favorite pieces of late, these pants were designed with the mountain trail in mind, but are more than adept in fitting a fashion-forward winter wardrobe. And wander in these we shall (if we’re lucky enough to receive).

Reebok Daytona

Daytona DMX 2


Buy at Slam Jam

A severely overlooked brand for us, Reebok has dropped a host of hot silhouettes that simply shouldn’t be ignored. To be fair, though, it’ll be hard for anyone to ignore this particularly standout colorway.

ROA Boots

Neal Boots


Buy at Slam Jam

Long family walks are probably on the agenda this holiday season. So do yourself a favor by scribbling “ROA BOOTS PLEASE” on your wishlist. Your dad can’t complain about impractical footwear with these, either.

South2 West8 Balaclava

Poly Fleece Balaclava

South2 West8

Buy at Slam Jam

By all means, request this mean piece of weather-ready headgear. Just take it off before you greet Grandma.

Dries Van Noten Pouch

Messenger Pouch

Dries Van Noten

Buy at Slam Jam

Dries was another hot brand of 2019 for us, and the brand’s psychedelic print output, namely the highlight coats, got our attention. Did you know they also do minimal bits too? This simple but smart messenger pouch is all kinds of handy.

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  • Curated by: Yulia Pankova
Shopping Editor
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