San Sebastián is recognized for two distinct things. Firstly, gastronomy, sitting just behind Kyoto, Japan, as the city with the most Michelin stars per capita in the world. Secondly, with three beautiful beaches, it’s one of Europe’s top surfing destinations and now home to the latest Hurley Surf Club.

The newest location in a growing list, San Sebastian joins Hossegor, France; Newquay, United Kingdom; Long Beach, New York; Southern California; and Australia. It aims to teach and improve surfing with in-water coaching, innovative video analysis sessions, and group Q&A’s with the world’s best surfers and experts.

Following an in-water surf lesson, coaches can use a classroom space to give students immediate feedback on their performance. Having recorded a students surf session and using a specifically designed app, instructors can compare footage with that of professionals and interact with videos live on screen to provide assessments. Members can then utilize fitness facilities and yoga sessions to sharpen the bodies surfing tools.

I once watched in awe as surfers traversed waves at a beach in Bali, it looked as freeing as flight. Despite desperately wanting to participate, I never took the opportunity. Experiencing my first lesson with the Hurley Surf Club, I discovered how rewarding and challenging it can be. It’s difficult. Not just standing on the board, but knowing which is the ideal wave to tackle and timing one's attack correctly. However, complexity makes it all the more satisfying when one pulls it off and addictive when one doesn’t. Beyond the act of surfing, it provides an opportunity to escape a city lifestyle, refamiliarise oneself with nature and attempt to connect with the ocean. Without getting too sentimental and superstitious, these are important and understated practices.

Hurley has partnered with Pukas Surf—a family company headquartered in the Basque Country—to launch the 400m² space, the first and biggest in Europe. Much to the excitement of starstruck young surfers, John John Florence (current leader in the World Surf League Rankings), Filipe Toledo, and Julian Wilson attended the opening. The occasion concluded with a premiere screening of the latest episode in John John Florence’s series “Twelve,” check out the first episode here.

Hurley Surf Club, San Sebastián, is open now; more information is available via the link below.

Earlier this year Hurley launched its lightest boardshorts to date, check them out here.

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