IKEA is known for its many clever products, but this latest offering is arguably its most ingenious yet. Marking another foray into the world of fashion, the brand's new FÄLTMAL cushion doubles as a sleeping bag and coat.

While the piece is ideal for making eternal WFH life a bit cozier, it's a solid option for camping, too. Picture this, you're out in the wild with your favorite pillow and when the sun sets and it gets a bit chillier, you transform it into a cozy sleeping bag. It seems that's what IKEA had in mind when it was designing the pillow to release just in time for when the outside opens again in spring. However, thanks to the sleeves and buttons at the back of the head, which allow it to be slipped on and off with ease, unfurled the pillow more or less resembles a coat.

The concept of an affordable duvet-coat isn't entirely new, Margiela and H&M already went down that route in 2012, however, IKEA's technical offering is more camp-core than fashion-forward. The 75 by 47-inch cushion-coat is rendered in a chic khaki, to complement the utilitarian look IKEA even included a fishnet pocket on the side that can be used for storing small items and completed everything with fluorescent orange trim.

Just saying, this could be the latest unassuming IKEA item to inspire cult hype. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the quillow, the IKEA FÄLTMAL is set to launch on IKEA’s website sometime this April for just $35.99.

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