Jaden Smith is notorious for his esoteric approach to his art, celebrity, and life in general, producing a slew of inscrutable insights over the years. But even by his lofty standards, his new interview in The Huffington Post is among the most offbeat, hilarious profiles in his career.

Covering a range of topics that includes Batman, hot dogs, Inception, and his chat with Barack Obama about aliens, it is entertaining, to say the least. Read a few of his choicest quotes below.

On hot dogs:

It is a form of sandwich. There’s bread. It’s a step before a sandwich. You cut the back and squeeze it down, it becomes a thin sandwich. And I think... is a burger a sandwich? Yes. Therefore a hot dog can be argued to not be a sandwich, because it’s one piece of bread. But if it just gets that separation and that squeeze, then it becomes a sandwich.

On Batman being a real superhero:

Batman is a superhero because, even though he has no technical powers, he’s still super-trained, you know? It’s like the same thing can be argued about Iron Man, you know? His suit, but he is still trained in all these different ways, so, yeah, Batman and Iron Man are both superheroes.

On whether Leo really made it home in Inception:

I think he was there just for the sake of his kids. I hope he was there. That’s such a crazy thought, though.

On talking with Barack Obama about aliens:

I never asked Obama about aliens ever in my life. What happened was, I was about to ask him, and then my dad says, “I’m going to make this go smooth. Don’t say anything, Jaden. Sir, Mr. President, my son Jaden has a question for you.” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. President Obama asked me, “You want to know about the aliens?”

Be sure to read the full interview over on The Huffington Post.

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