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Reflecting the “more” made capable by Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold3 5G*, we caught up with rising musicians and artists who show us another side of themselves rarely seen by others. New sides can come from a new hobby or secret passion.

Jazz Cartier likely wouldn’t have considered himself an aspiring chess master a year ago if it weren’t for the time afforded to him by quarantine orders. The Toronto-born rapper has been quietly learning the game ever since the pandemic shut down life as we know it, and even formed his own chess club with industry friends.

“A lot of the rules in chess apply to life,” he tells us. “The patience you develop while playing the game is very crucial to making decisions in your personal life and career.” As it turns out, he’s pretty good at it. So much so that Cartier managed to spin off a TV series pitting fellow rappers together to checkmate each other. Now that’s one helluva career lesson. And with the expansive screen on Samsung's next-generation foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is the perfect setup for Cartier to master his strategies anywhere, anytime.

When he’s not trying to conquer Hollywood, Cartier has been working on a skincare line which is slated to launch this fall. We caught up with Cartier to get a glimpse into his background, his newfound hobbies, how it’s affected his music, and more.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm an artist from Toronto, and have been making music for a couple of years. I have a lot of interest in televisions, skincare, and fashion.

How's quarantine life affected your music and creative endeavors?

Just like anybody else, it's something that we're still trying to figure out cause we're still dealing with it. For a couple of months, when things were a little bit stagnant, it was definitely hard to pull some inspiration, but through that though, I was able to pick up chess, which I started to obsess over. Then I got into skincare and started my own skincare line.

Talk to us about this obsession with chess and your chess club.

It just started at my house over quarantine, and everyone started coming over and playing chess with us — all of our homies that made music. Then, it just became a thing where we held a tournament in our garage. There were 10 of us, we made a trophy, I won, and that was what started it.

Did you already know how to play before that?

I knew how the pieces moved and how to play, I just didn't know strategies prior to the pandemic.

Tell us a little about your skincare project.

I started a skincare line called Petal Skyncare, and it consists of a cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and serum. It's something I've been working on for the past eight months, almost a year. I figured with all the downtime, I could do the things I was interested in while I wasn't making music. We're in the final phases of getting the packaging done [for Petal Skyncare].

What were your first thoughts on the Samsung Z Galaxy Fold3 5G*?

I was super surprised when I first saw the phone, and I was very intrigued by how progressive it was.

*5G connection and availability may vary. Check with your carrier.

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