For its latest collaboration, Louis Vuitton has linked up with American artist Jeff Koons. Entitled "Masters," the accessories collection is a extension of Koons's "Gazing Ball" series in which he reimagines classic artwork with an added mirrored blue ball as the work's focal point.

Like the name suggests, the collection features bags and accessories printed with old Masters paintings, including Titian's Mars, Venus, and Cupid and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Though there are no balls in sight, each artist's name is displayed like a brand name across the bag, which, according to Koons, performs a similar function to the ball in the original series.

Each bag also bares Koons own initials in the iconic LV monogram style, and includes a classic Koons bunny-shaped bag charm. The "Masters" collection will be available from April 28.

You can see the full collection alongside an interview with the artist himself over at the Louis Vuitton site by clicking the button below.

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