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In a recent interview for Beats 1 Radio, singer-songwriter and best-dressed rock star John Mayer spoke on a number of topics, including his new single “New Light” and his thoughts on Kanye West, whom he labelled “the most creative guy ever.”

Reflecting on their collaborations and the first time he heard an early rendition of “Gold Digger,” Mayer described West as someone who “can pull anything into existence that he wants. He is maybe the greatest summoner of creative energy. I’ve seen him do it, it’s a magic trick.”

Referencing his own new track, Mayer spoke of his desire to evolve musically. “My compositional sensibilities are so strict in how I work, but if it’s for other people, you can have a hundred ideas,” Mayer told presenter Zane Lowe. “That’s why I love “New Light,” because it’s new territory for me.”

The singer went on to discuss his influence on Kanye West’s hook on the track “Go!” by Common: “I was in the studio with Kanye West and Common… and I actually had this line, “On the count of three, everybody run back to your fantasy,” so that was my line. And then Kanye adds “Go.” Genius.”

Check out the full interview below. And if you’re only in it for the Kanye-chat, skip to 32 minutes.

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Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

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