Spoiler warning: There are mild plot spoilers for Us below.

Jordan Peele has done it again. He's managed to create yet another mind-bending movie masterpiece that requires two viewings, if not more. This seems to be the general verdict on Twitter among those who've watched the director's latest horror film, Us, which arrived nationwide today.

In short, the narrative follows a family hunted by their own doppelgängers, but of course — Peele being Peele — there's so much more to this film than what lies, quite literally, below the surface.

Aside from praise for the plot and its subtext, Twitter is also applauding Lupita Nyong’o's fantastic performance as the film's protagonist, Adelaide Wilson, with many already tipping her for the next Oscar nominations.

Revisit the trailer below and then keep scrolling to discover what Twitter is saying about the film.

Well, that was a total mind fuck

So much to unpack

What does it all mean?

Need to watch this a few times

Lupita for Oscar

Real talk

Us is in theaters everywhere now.

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