While the fate of Kanye West's DONDA album hangs in the balance, Ye could have a record coming with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

On Friday, Kanye hopped on Twitter to blow off some steam. Among the all-caps thoughts he shared, the rapper also revealed that he completed a song with the veteran Detroit MC and legendary beat-maker. Even admitting to fans that the track is the best Kanye West song "of all time" – according to daughter North.

"[Eminem] thank you for rapping on the Dr Dre Remix of Used This Gospel I [have] always loved and respected you and I'm honored to have you bless this song," he wrote. "It's also North West's favorite Kanye West song of all time."

It's unclear when exactly the track will be released, but the collaborative effort between the trio is pretty likely as Kanye was spotted in the studio with Dre earlier this summer. And in November of last year, Kanye announced that Dr. Dre would be producing Jesus King Part IIthe follow up to his 2019 album.

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