To pick a fight with Kanye West, one must be incredibly brave. To pick a fight with both Kanye West AND Drake, one must be even braver than incredibly brave or just plain stupid. The jury's still out on Kid Cudi, who had the gall to do just that in a stinging series of tweets calling both rappers out on their lack of musicianship. Obviously, Kanye very vocally fired back. Here's what went down:

Seemingly without reason, Kid Cudi unleashed a firestorm of complaints on his Twitter. In this tirade, he called out Kanye, Drake, and more for using a squadron of writers on their music and not honing the craft themselves. In other words, he was calling them all fake-ass bitches and saying that his own music would speak for "the truth" of the matter.

You're never supposed to poke the bear, but Cudi clearly poked the bear right in the eye with a sharp stick. This bear is of course Kanye, and he responded during a stop of his 'Saint Pablo' tour in typical scorched-earth style that only Kanye can do so well, highlights being "don't never mention 'Ye name, I birthed you!"

See his full rant below:

Drake also had something to say, though it was a far more subtle jab than Kanye's:

It seems out of the blue, but there has been a pot of bad blood brewing between Cudi and Kanye for several years now. They have had a long, long history recording together, dating back to Kanye's 808s and Heartbreaks. Cudi was then signed on to the G.O.O.D. Music roster and was featured on each of Ye's albums through Yeezus. Kanye returned the favor as well, appearing on Cudi's major label debut Man on the Moon: The End of the Day and its sequel.

But Cudi very vocally left G.O.O.D. Music in 2013, claiming that his feature on the Yeezus track "Guilt Trip" was put together without his knowledge or permission. Kanye surprisingly kept it chill, insisting that all was good between them. Well, no longer. Now Cudi has made an enemy of his former mentor and everyone else in the game. Get your popcorn ready.

Stay tuned to see who will emerge victorious in this Game of Thrones-level rap feud. Stay safe Cudi.

In other music news, Travis Scott has just recruited 'Ye and Seth Rogen for a new short film accompanying his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

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