At the beginning of the year, Kelvyn Colt was offering us a glimpse into his world with the intimate visual "Bury Me Alive." Now, the Berlin and London-based artist has returned with his sights set on something far weightier: a sprawling, surreal epic tackling mental health shot in the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. Watch it below.

Speaking on the visual, Kelvyn says that “Irrespective of your gender, ethnicity or where you are, I want you to know that your life holds value. That you are important. That you can make a difference and you are worthy. Worthy of life, worthy of love. The start of love is self-love. Learn to accept and love yourself. Beyond all the darkness, there is light."

Stream Kelvyn Colt's recently released EP, Mind of Colt, Pt. 1, below.

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