Ragers around the world, rejoice, Kid Cudi's A Man Called Scott documentary is finally on its way to Amazon Prime Video, and the first trailer is everything we wanted and more.

Kid Cudi can truly do no wrong. A man whose melodic humming has been cited by a generation of fans as the cure to their depression, the hugely influential artist behind The Man On The Moon album series, and the man Travis Scott notes as one of his biggest inspirations in music.

Scott Mescudi shifted the landscape of music for a generation, and through his open battles with addiction and mental health, has played an important role in destigmatizing the subjects.

In the first full trailer for A Man Called Scott, friends, and fans of Cudi can be heard detailing how his music changed their lives. In the same breath, we hear Cudi explaining his artistry, “everything I make has to help people in some way. How can I make something that calls out to the broken and the lost? I needed to feel something with the music."

He goes on to explain why he shared his story with such transparency, "people look up to me, but I’m not a happy person.”

Admittedly, I am biased. My experiences with Cudi's discography are similar to that of those featured in the trailer. Within the hip-hop space, few were so candid about their mental health struggles before Cudi, he was able to share his struggles in a relatable way and sound amazing while doing it. Without songs like "Soundtrack 2 My Life," I'm not sure that we'd have some of our favorite tracks from later Mac Miller projects, Juice WRLD, 070 Shake, and more.

Judging off the trailer, these types of feelings will be central themes as we dive deeper into the artist's mind, exploring a more intimate side of his life over a decade.

"A Man Called Scott" arrives on Amazon Prime Video on November 5. Personally, I'd describe my excitement as Adele in the below video.

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