Luxury fragrance maker Le Labo has become a go-to brand for unique perfumes, with classics like Santal 33 and Another 13, and now it is welcoming a new scent to its lineup: Cedrat 37.

Joining Le Labo's collection of city exclusives, Cedrat 37 is fully dedicated to Berlin. "If it were a city it would feel like Berlin, embracing a joyous, thick-skinned, and solar freedom. Even when it rains. Do you beg to differ? We hope you do. But smell it first," the label told Highsnobiety, also adding that the fragrance smells like "freedom." A city like Berlin has a vast history, a bustling art and music scene, architecture, and its own unique fashion, so the inspirations behind the scent were plenty. Of course, Berlin is also the home to Highsnobiety, meaning that the city has a soft spot in all of our hearts.

"Cedrat 37 is a delicate balance of Cedrat and Ginger – fresh, acidic, and with an addictive candied sweetness – resting on a foundation of sensual "Le Labo-ness" which often means woods, musks, and a generous note of ambergris," said the founders, who believe that true luxury comes from good craftsmanship.

The Berlin city exclusive joins other cities including Tokyo, Miami, Hong Kong, New York, London, Moscow, and more, and will only be available worldwide throughout September, together with the other cities. Once September has passed, the fragrance will only be available for purchase in Berlin – so don't miss out.

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