In the latest episode ofGQ‘s “On the Rocks,” Lil Pump talks us through his ridiculous jewelry collection and the stories attached to individual pieces. And while he hasn’t dropped as much cash on ice as fellow rapper, Gucci Mane, his collection is still as dope. Watch above.

After discussing the more reserved items in his possession — or were in his possession, if you take the $11,000 diamond ring he lost in a strip club into account — it’s not long before Pump gets onto the good stuff.

Starting with the pendants, he holds up a chain featuring a medallion of his face “reincarnated” and talks us through it. “This bitch is flooded with diamonds,” he explains. “I got baguettes (a particular cut of diamond) in the eyes and the teeth.”

Pump’s first custom piece was crafted by his friend, designer Elliot Avianne — an “Esskeetit” chain, his catchphrase and the name of 2018 his track. As it turns out,  Avianne is also on hand to explain the rest of Pump’s collection — which is useful, seeing as a box full of chicken wings grabs his attention for the rest of the episode.

Watch the video in full above, and let us know what you think of Lil Pump’s ice in the comments below.

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