Lionel Messi announced on Instagram that he and his Barcelona teammates were willing to take a 70 percent wage cut to financially assist the club during the coronavirus crisis, as well as make additional donations to ensure that all non-playing staff at Barcelona would continue to be paid in full.

The announcement came via Messi’s Instagram, where he outlined the teams’ plans to support both the club and its employees. Messi wrote: “For our part, the moment has arrived to announce that, aside from the 70 percent wage cut during the State of Emergency, we are going to also make contributions so that all the club’s employees can earn 100 percent of their salaries for as long as this situation lasts.”

With that, Messi has led the way for all other athletes to make concessions and ensure those not lucky enough to be multi-millionaires can get by.

According to Forbes, Messi earns around $92 million a year on just his salary alone, meaning a 70 percent wage cut would put his earnings at around $28 million. When including his endorsement deals from the likes of long-term partners adidas and Pepsi, Messi’s annual earnings could still reach an estimated $78 million.

Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus announced it has agreed a wage cut with its players and coaches, which will reportedly save the club $100 million while play is suspended. It was not made clear, however, if that money would be going towards non-playing staff’s salaries.

The savings are good for a 30 percent wage cut, which would mean Ronaldo, the club’s highest earner, would sacrifice $20 million, bringing his total income from salary to a reported $46 million.

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