British contemporary artist Lucy Sparrow has taken over Downtown Los Angeles’ The Standard hotel for her latest exhibition. Accounting for her fifth large-scale installation, Sparrow Mart houses 31,000 felt groceries.

Sparrow filled the 260 square-meter space with thousands of common (faux) supermarket items, ranging from fruits and vegetables, to canned goods, cereal, candy, chips, sushi, and alcohol. The exhibit even features a felt ATM machine, and all of the products are available for purchase.

The candy aisle! #sparrowmart #lucysparrow #thestandarddtla #art #felt

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Campbell’s tomato soup back on the shelves tonight at #sparrowmart

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No joke we have Bazooka! #sparrowmart #thestandarddtla

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At the core, Sparrow Mart is meant to mimic supermarkets of the 1980s.

Sparrow herself spent roughly a year making all of the items for the installation, utilizing felt and stuffing. Some products were filled with beans in order to replicate actual weight.

Lucy Sparrow’s Sparrow Mart is open to the public until August 31.

The Standard, Downtown LA, Paddle Room
550 South Flower St.
Los Angeles, California

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Not NYC, not LA.