Among the various announcements at San Diego Comic-Con was a stunning new trailer for twist-master M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, the final part of the “Eastrail 177” trilogy, which includes Unbreakable and Split.

The movie sees Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy reprise their previous roles as unbreakable David Dunn, Elijah “Mr. Glass” Price, and the multiple personas of Kevin Wendell Crumb. In the trailer, we see all three characters housed in a special unit, where psychiatrist Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) questions whether their perceived abilities are real. We get a breakdown of all three characters’ backgrounds and abilities, with hints at the threat posed by McAvoy’s “The Beast” persona and questions about the motivations and orchestrations of Mr. Glass.

And with the tension ratcheted right up, we now have to wait until January 18 next year before Glass hits theaters. Until then, you can watch the trailer above a few more times.

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Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.

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