macOS Catalina

Apple has officially released macOS Catalina today. Before we get into the cool new features, let’s take a moment to pour one out for the dead homie. As soon as you update your software, iTunes will be gone — your companion in music for 18 years obliterated the face of the earth. In its stead will be separate apps for Music, Podcasts, and TV.

*wipes tears away*

Okay! Now for the shiny new stuff. Apple Arcade has arrived, bringing exclusive games to your Mac. There’s also a new feature called Sidecar that will allow you to extend your Mac desktop onto your iPad as a second display. Voice Control will allow you to control the Mac entirely by voice, and Screen Time will give you insights similar to your iPhone as to your time spent in different apps and websites.

Mac Catalyst is a new technology making it easier for third-party developers to bring iPad apps to Mac, which means you’ll see a bunch of new apps to download, including Twitter and GoodNotes.

To upgrade to Catalina, head here.

Words by Ian Servantes
Staff Writer

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